Acacia Cooks

Hello, everyone!

I’ve enjoyed cooking and baking since I was in elementary school, and recently I’ve gotten back into it in a major way. I’ve been sending pictures of the final products with a write-up of what I can do to improve to my family group chat, and my mom is sick of me texting her so she suggested I start a blog! Totally kidding. But blogging was my mom’s idea. And since I’m in quarantine, now seems like as good a time as any to start. Shakespeare wrote King Lear while in quarantine. I’m doing this.

I love trying new recipes and techniques, and that’s what I’ll chronicle here: successes, failures, tips, tricks, and whatever else pops into my head while I’m making food. So if you’re at all interested in food, dry humor, personal growth, or you have nothing else to do while quarantined, follow along. It’s going to be messy, but it’s going to be fun (for me, at least; I can’t promise it’ll be fun for you).

2 thoughts on “Acacia Cooks

  1. Hi Acacia, It’s your mother here. Since this food blog was my idea ( thanks for the credit, by the way), then I thought it only fitting that I make the first comment. As a totally unbiased reader, I find this extremely informative, witty and brilliant. I’m looking forward to reading more! For full disclosure’s sake, I feel we should let readers know that many of your cooking and baking skills were taught to you by your very talented father. I, alas, am a bit of a failure in the kitchen so I look forward to learning from you. From your biggest fan, Mom

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  2. Acacia my darling goddaughter, I love this so much. You are talented in so many ways. I’m going to thoroughly enjoy following your blog. Love, auntie Kathy ♥️

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