Tonight I resurrected half a batch of pizza dough I’ve had in my fridge. Twice now I’ve made pizza dough and sauce entirely from scratch. The dough, Bobby Flay’s recipe, is simple and quick. It makes enough for two medium-sized pizzas, and it tastes great. The sauce is a Pioneer Woman recipe and it’s just as easy and quick as the dough. Both can be used immediately after making or saved for later.

The first time I made these recipes, I was so proud of myself for making dough and sauce from scratch, I didn’t really pay attention to the details of the outcome. It tasted like pizza and I was hungry, so I was satisfied. Last week when I made it, I was disappointed with the texture of the crust. After baking for about 20 minutes, it was still too doughy, and I wanted a little crisp. Tonight I tried baking the crust a little before adding the toppings, then throwing it back in the oven. It took about 15 extra minutes, but made for a much better pizza.

Tonight’s toppings were mozzarella and cheddar cheese because that’s all I have. Taking fewer trips to the grocery store has limited my options, but it’s also yielded creativity (not in this case, of course; putting cheese on a pizza is not the least bit creative). After 20 minutes of baking the crust, I topped it with my sauce and a profuse amount of cheese. If your sole topping is cheese, you need a mountain.

15 minutes later I checked the oven to find the cheese browned and the crust golden. I let it cool only enough to avoid scorching my mouth. I immediately applauded my choice to bake the crust alone after my first bite. The crust was crisp on bottom with a soft inside, and the cheese strung off the slice just as it should. There’s so much to love about pizza.

I love both the sauce and the dough recipe. The dough is so easy there’s no excuse to buy something prepackaged for a pizza night, and the sauce can be saved and used later atop pasta, sautéed vegetables, or chicken. Both are recipes to bookmark.

My mom likes lumps in her mashed potatoes because then she’s sure they’re homemade. I like a misshapen pizza because then I’m sure it’s homemade.

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