Chicken Stir Fry for One

Any time I make a meal, I end up cooking an amount suitable for a large family reunion. And while I do love leftovers, eating the same meal six days in a row gets tiresome, and it’s not conducive to trying new recipes. If something bombs, I either have to eat disgusting food for a week or waste it and cook something new.

What I need to do is cook one serving at a time. Unfortunately, ingredients aren’t often sold in portions and recipes aren’t often written in manners that behoove those of us cooking for one and searching for variety. It’s understandable, albeit frustrating.

Ideally, grocery manufacturers would begin producing more “sample size” items. Think makeup samples, only the food version. Even more ideally, professional cooks would create recipes for those of us cooking for one on a regular basis. But since these requests aren’t widely available, I’ll adapt and develop methods that make cooking for one attainable (maybe).

The obvious first step when cooking for one is adjusting the measurements. Instead of 3 lbs of chicken, use close to 1; instead of 2 tablespoons of soy sauce, use 1/2. However, it’s not always that cut and dry, and I am bad at math. Sometimes it takes trial and error and a little creativity.

For this recipe, I used 1 chicken breast. I have no idea how much it weighed, but I knew it was a good choice. Ravenous me would scarf down an entire chicken breast in one sitting, whereas sensible me would split it into two meals.

For the vegetables, I used one frozen package of stir fry vegetables, including snap peas, carrots, water chestnuts, and broccoli. The Birds Eye steam-able packages are great for small meals. Cans are sometimes suitable, but frozen vegetables are often better quality. I steamed the bag in the microwave for speed and added them to the pan once the chicken was nearly cooked.

Whenever I use spices, I eyeball, which is a terrible habit of mine given I am not very good at it. That being said, I cannot relay even a good estimate of how much of each ingredient I used to make my sauce. I can, however, share what I used: honey, soy sauce, sesame oil, and garlic. Whatever the amounts were, I needed more, so I’ll measure next time to ensure I have a better idea of ratios moving forward. The combination was tasty, though. I poured it over the chicken and vegetables and let it simmer before serving.

I topped my stir fry on a bed of white rice. Stir fry is versatile, though, and can be served over cauliflower rice, ramen noodles, spinach, or virtually anything. I just happen to love white rice. 1/2 cup sufficed.

I liked this recipe. There’s plenty of room for improvement, but it tasted good and I had enough left over for one more meal, which, to me, is ideal. I have yet to perfect the art of cooking for one. I have yet to perfect the art of cooking, for that matter. But I’ll keep trying! Either that or I’ll eat chicken stir fry for the rest of my life. At least it tastes good.

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